Top 7 Best Sex Positions

Best Sex Positions

If your sex life is on a downturn or you simply long for the heated passion of your earlier days with your partner, trying out new sex positions can help. These will perk up your pleasures like anything and make it all the more exciting.

Take a look at seven best sex positions to beat boredom in the bedroom:

The Sexy Squat – You need to straddle your man lying on his back and gradually slip yourself onto his pelvis. Slowly raise yourself of his thighs and be in a squatting position. You can now place your hands on his stomach, rib cage, thighs or upper chest for support. Start your thrusts now by lifting your lower body up and down.

Doggy Style – This one is for those who enjoy the animal inside them. Many guys like to fantasize taking their partner from behind as it gives them a powerful feeling. It may not be the most passionate position for women but men certainly like to indulge in it from time to time.

Chair action – This one involves sitting your man on a chair or the edge of the beds while you sit on his lap facing him. Take his hands through the sexiest curves on your body. This would for sure stir up a storm in him and he would enter you with gusto. Being together would never feel so good.

Leg drape – You two should sit facing each other. Raise your leg and ask him to slide you towards him. Do this with both the legs. Drape your legs all around him so that you have the opportunity to push him in. If your legs are braced against a wall, it would further your plan of action.

Woman on top – It gives you the power to control your act. Your guy would also enjoy your moves. This brings the onus on to you for working hard, which is usually the guy’s domain. The new experience can be tried every now and then to bring more zest to your love life.

Magic Missionary – Have your man enter while you lay on bed with legs apart. The real good part begins once your man is inside you. You should bring your legs together; make the guy hook his ankles around his calves, and finally raise himself on his back with a small angle at his back. He would appear like a frog but what follows would make you feel of him a prince.

The passionate embrace – Just jump on to the lap of your guy if he is sitting relaxed on the bed, and shower him with kisses. It is the best way to enjoy some passionate love making as he blows you away with wet kisses on your neck.

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