Natural Breast Enhancement Exercises and Foods

Natural Breast Enhancement using Foods, Exercises and Breast Massage
Before and After Natural Breast Enhancement

Many women are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of their breasts. That's why breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, despite its expense and potential risks. Breast implants could result in infections and interrupt you’re your normal hormone levels. In addition, it could also make your health deteriorate. Recently, however, Natural Breast Enhancement has become better known and more popular. Although a ton of information is available to help design your own program, a lot of women want to follow a proven program instead of putting together their own.

Foods for Natural Breast Enhancement 

There are some foods and herbs which are known to have effect on mammary glands. They contribute to the natural and safe breast enlargement due to their richness in phytoestrogens. Here are some of them that are proven to be effective:

Natural Breast Enhancement using Foods, Exercises and Breast Massage
Soy, Mexican Yam, Hops and Star anis

1. Soy

Soy is the plant that is richest in isoflavones (the most powerful phytoestrogens). One of the functions of soy isoflavones is to regulate estrogen levels. They either initiate or inhibit (suppress) estrogen synthesis in blood – depending on their levels in the human body. A great advantage of soy isoflavones is that their action is completely similar to the one of estrogens in the female body. They do not have side effects – as opposed, for example, to synthetic estrogens used in hormone replacement therapies. As a result of all that, a conclusion could be made that soy isoflavones do not stimulate hyperplasia. In medicine isoflavones are used for lowering of arterial blood pressure, strengthening of cardiovascular system and suppression of “hot flashes” during menopause.

2. Mexican yam (cabeza de negro)

Mexican yam is known as the “female plant”. Its biological activeness is due to its richness in disogenin – a phytohormone controlling the progesterone-estrogen ratio in the female body. This supports the hormonal balance and contributes to the elimination of PMS and menopause symptoms. Disogenin synthesizes a steroid compound called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as the “youth hormone”), which helps women look good, prevents them from gaining weight and keeps their stress levels low.

Mexican yam is known to have stimulating effect on expansion of breast tissue, which leads to a completely natural breast enlargement. Other beneficial effects are mood improvement and removal of spots and other skin defects. Mexican yam makes lips look full and voluptuous.

3. Hops

It is proven that hops cone extract is a rich source of phytoestrogens and has estrogenic effect on the human body. Hops phytoestrogens are beneficial for female hormonal balance and improve women’s libido. They also have positive effect on body skin. Hops extract has substantial thermoregulating effect. It is beneficial for people suffering from nervousness, insomnia, excessive sexual excitement, climacteric complaints.

Scientific studies, conducted at the University of Oregon, have proven that hops contains high levels of xanthohumol – a natural antioxidant that not only slows down ageing, but also blocks the excessive activity of the hormones testosterone and estrogen , thus preventing the development of breast, ovarian and colon cancer.

4. Star anise

Star anise contains phytoestrogens which support the normal development and functioning of ovaries. It supports metabolism and the balance among endocrine glands, regulates menstrual cycle, and helps women have timely ovulation. Star anise relieves the unpleasant feelings during climax and stimulates secretion in gastrointestinal tract, lungs and mammary glands.

Exercises for Natural Breast Enhancement

Exercises and workouts have paved the way for a no cost alternative for breast enlargement. Exerting effort on the muscles underneath the breasts will help make the breasts appear larger than usual.

Grant your breasts a healthier advancement through these effective exercises:

1. Arm rotations

This is considered the simplest of all breast enlargement exercises. This exercise only entails rotation of the arms. To start, you will have to rotate each arm 20 times, separately. Then all you need to do is to rotate both arms 20 times, simultaneously. When done with pushups in a simple variation, this exercise will be more effective as it is.

                                       Natural Breast Enhancement using Foods, Exercises and Breast Massage

2. Arm Lifting 

Small weights are needed for this method of breast enlargement. First, you will have to stand straight, making sure that your heels are stretched or extended. With the weights, simply lift your arms up in a straight position and place them down, elbows bent until the fists are at the level of your shoulders, then proceed by lifting your arms again. You have to do these for 20 times in 3 sets.

3. Butterfly

The butterfly is one of the fastest exercises to enlarge the breasts. This requires you to lie down with your back against the floor and with both of your knees in a bending position. Horizontally, your arms must be stretched and lifted right above the chest while the weights are being held by your hands. This exercise should be done 15 times in two sets.

4. Yoga Poses

The bow pose in yoga extremely gives attention to the chest. This does not only focus on the enlargement of the breasts but this also helps in strengthening of the spine, which eventually improves one’s posture. With good posture, the breasts would look or appear even larger. Aside from all these, the bow pose also helps in the onset of menstrual discomfort and distress. Another yoga pose which aims to straighten your posture is called the locust pose. With the improvement of posture and elongation of the spine, the locust pose helps over fatigue and back aches.

These exercises are the easiest way to enlarge the breasts. Most of these exercises aim to give visible results in two to four weeks time.

Not only are these breast enlargement exercises cost free but these exercises essentially help to make your breasts firm, tight, flexible, and very well toned.

The great thing about engaging in these exercises is that it affects not only the enlargement of your breasts but also your body in general. Once your body is healthy, everything follows.

Natural Breast Enhancement using Breast Massage

Regular use of massage will encourage the breasts to lift and become more toned by training the tissue.

Although most people perform breast massage on themselves, a partner can not only improve the efficiency of the massage but can make the procedure a more pleasurable experience. It is important to remember the purpose of the massage in order to maintain the appropriate amount of pressure and consistency of motion.

1. Stand in front of a mirror with the upper body completely exposed. Clothing will only hinder movement and accuracy. RELAX. This is a time to focus on your body. Allow for enough time to concentrate and perform the massage correctly.

2. The basis of breast massage is the “C Hold”. Place one hand under each breast with the palms flat against your skin. The thumbs should naturally be resting at or on the outer side of each breast. Keeping the palms against your skin, gently draw the hands up so that they follow the natural curve under each breast. Stop when each breast rests within your hands with the thumbs resting naturally on the tops or sides of each breast. Mothers who have nursed their babies will recognize the “C Hold” from use as preparation for nursing.

3. With the breasts resting in each hand, push them together, towards the cleavage. The fingers and palms of each hand should meet at the completion of this motion. Although there should be pressure exerted during this motion, it should NOT induce pain. You should develop a rhythm fast enough to stimulate the blood circulation but slow enough to thoroughly address the breasts completely.

4.  For growth, this motion will be repeated from all directions including pushing each breast away from the cleavage. For firming, only push towards the cleavage and up towards the neck. Perform the massage for a minimum of two minutes.

There are other techniques but the “C Hold” and this most basic method are starting points.

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