Natural Breast Enhancement Exercises and Foods

Natural Breast Enhancement using Foods, Exercises and Breast Massage
Before and After Natural Breast Enhancement

Many women are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of their breasts. That's why breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, despite its expense and potential risks. Breast implants could result in infections and interrupt you’re your normal hormone levels. In addition, it could also make your health deteriorate. Recently, however, Natural Breast Enhancement has become better known and more popular. Although a ton of information is available to help design your own program, a lot of women want to follow a proven program instead of putting together their own.

Foods for Natural Breast Enhancement 

There are some foods and herbs which are known to have effect on mammary glands. They contribute to the natural and safe breast enlargement due to their richness in phytoestrogens. Here are some of them that are proven to be effective:

Natural Breast Enhancement using Foods, Exercises and Breast Massage
Soy, Mexican Yam, Hops and Star anis

1. Soy

Soy is the plant that is richest in isoflavones (the most powerful phytoestrogens). One of the functions of soy isoflavones is to regulate estrogen levels. They either initiate or inhibit (suppress) estrogen synthesis in blood – depending on their levels in the human body. A great advantage of soy isoflavones is that their action is completely similar to the one of estrogens in the female body. They do not have side effects – as opposed, for example, to synthetic estrogens used in hormone replacement therapies. As a result of all that, a conclusion could be made that soy isoflavones do not stimulate hyperplasia. In medicine isoflavones are used for lowering of arterial blood pressure, strengthening of cardiovascular system and suppression of “hot flashes” during menopause.

2. Mexican yam (cabeza de negro)

Mexican yam is known as the “female plant”. Its biological activeness is due to its richness in disogenin – a phytohormone controlling the progesterone-estrogen ratio in the female body. This supports the hormonal balance and contributes to the elimination of PMS and menopause symptoms. Disogenin synthesizes a steroid compound called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as the “youth hormone”), which helps women look good, prevents them from gaining weight and keeps their stress levels low.

Mexican yam is known to have stimulating effect on expansion of breast tissue, which leads to a completely natural breast enlargement. Other beneficial effects are mood improvement and removal of spots and other skin defects. Mexican yam makes lips look full and voluptuous.

3. Hops

It is proven that hops cone extract is a rich source of phytoestrogens and has estrogenic effect on the human body. Hops phytoestrogens are beneficial for female hormonal balance and improve women’s libido. They also have positive effect on body skin. Hops extract has substantial thermoregulating effect. It is beneficial for people suffering from nervousness, insomnia, excessive sexual excitement, climacteric complaints.

Scientific studies, conducted at the University of Oregon, have proven that hops contains high levels of xanthohumol – a natural antioxidant that not only slows down ageing, but also blocks the excessive activity of the hormones testosterone and estrogen , thus preventing the development of breast, ovarian and colon cancer.

4. Star anise

Star anise contains phytoestrogens which support the normal development and functioning of ovaries. It supports metabolism and the balance among endocrine glands, regulates menstrual cycle, and helps women have timely ovulation. Star anise relieves the unpleasant feelings during climax and stimulates secretion in gastrointestinal tract, lungs and mammary glands.

Exercises for Natural Breast Enhancement

Exercises and workouts have paved the way for a no cost alternative for breast enlargement. Exerting effort on the muscles underneath the breasts will help make the breasts appear larger than usual.

Grant your breasts a healthier advancement through these effective exercises:

1. Arm rotations

This is considered the simplest of all breast enlargement exercises. This exercise only entails rotation of the arms. To start, you will have to rotate each arm 20 times, separately. Then all you need to do is to rotate both arms 20 times, simultaneously. When done with pushups in a simple variation, this exercise will be more effective as it is.

                                       Natural Breast Enhancement using Foods, Exercises and Breast Massage

2. Arm Lifting 

Small weights are needed for this method of breast enlargement. First, you will have to stand straight, making sure that your heels are stretched or extended. With the weights, simply lift your arms up in a straight position and place them down, elbows bent until the fists are at the level of your shoulders, then proceed by lifting your arms again. You have to do these for 20 times in 3 sets.

3. Butterfly

The butterfly is one of the fastest exercises to enlarge the breasts. This requires you to lie down with your back against the floor and with both of your knees in a bending position. Horizontally, your arms must be stretched and lifted right above the chest while the weights are being held by your hands. This exercise should be done 15 times in two sets.

4. Yoga Poses

The bow pose in yoga extremely gives attention to the chest. This does not only focus on the enlargement of the breasts but this also helps in strengthening of the spine, which eventually improves one’s posture. With good posture, the breasts would look or appear even larger. Aside from all these, the bow pose also helps in the onset of menstrual discomfort and distress. Another yoga pose which aims to straighten your posture is called the locust pose. With the improvement of posture and elongation of the spine, the locust pose helps over fatigue and back aches.

These exercises are the easiest way to enlarge the breasts. Most of these exercises aim to give visible results in two to four weeks time.

Not only are these breast enlargement exercises cost free but these exercises essentially help to make your breasts firm, tight, flexible, and very well toned.

The great thing about engaging in these exercises is that it affects not only the enlargement of your breasts but also your body in general. Once your body is healthy, everything follows.

Natural Breast Enhancement using Breast Massage

Regular use of massage will encourage the breasts to lift and become more toned by training the tissue.

Although most people perform breast massage on themselves, a partner can not only improve the efficiency of the massage but can make the procedure a more pleasurable experience. It is important to remember the purpose of the massage in order to maintain the appropriate amount of pressure and consistency of motion.

1. Stand in front of a mirror with the upper body completely exposed. Clothing will only hinder movement and accuracy. RELAX. This is a time to focus on your body. Allow for enough time to concentrate and perform the massage correctly.

2. The basis of breast massage is the “C Hold”. Place one hand under each breast with the palms flat against your skin. The thumbs should naturally be resting at or on the outer side of each breast. Keeping the palms against your skin, gently draw the hands up so that they follow the natural curve under each breast. Stop when each breast rests within your hands with the thumbs resting naturally on the tops or sides of each breast. Mothers who have nursed their babies will recognize the “C Hold” from use as preparation for nursing.

3. With the breasts resting in each hand, push them together, towards the cleavage. The fingers and palms of each hand should meet at the completion of this motion. Although there should be pressure exerted during this motion, it should NOT induce pain. You should develop a rhythm fast enough to stimulate the blood circulation but slow enough to thoroughly address the breasts completely.

4.  For growth, this motion will be repeated from all directions including pushing each breast away from the cleavage. For firming, only push towards the cleavage and up towards the neck. Perform the massage for a minimum of two minutes.

There are other techniques but the “C Hold” and this most basic method are starting points.

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How To Cure Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Naturally by Dr Chuck Vivan

How To Cure Psychological Erectile Dysfunction


There was a time in the not too distant past when the vast majority of doctors considered virtually all cases of impotence, or erection dysfunction, to be psychological in origin. In other words, men suffering from this very sensitive disorder were apt to be told that the problem was all in their minds.

Fortunately, the multifarious causes of impotence have been the subject of extensive study in the intervening years, and it is now widely recognized that most cases of ED are physical in nature, particularly among men who are 40 and over.

A Psychological Component

To be sure, there’s likely to be a psychological component to impotence even when the root cause of the problem is physiological. The more a man with ED fails to perform up to the standards he — and his partner — sets for himself, the more mental stress he feels, all of which tends to make the problem even worse.

However, among men in their 20s and 30s, a group generally considered to be at or near their sexual peak, a growing number of medical professionals believe the primary cause of ED can be traced to psychological problems.

Cause Is Often Psychogenic

Generally speaking, men in this younger demographic don’t report a particularly high incidence of impotence, but those who do often find that the cause is psychogenic.


Of impotence among men under 40, most cases “are a result of what is between the ears,” Pittsburgh urologist Jeffrey K. Cohen told Fox News. “It’s more a matter of perception of how they are functioning. They still want to be 16, and that’s just not possible.”

18 Million US Men Affected

A study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health offers an excellent overview of the impotence problem in America, estimating that it affects more than 18 million men over the age of 20. However, only about 5 percent of those affected fall between the ages of 20 and 40, according to the study.

A major risk factor for ED among men of all ages is diabetes, which is the second-biggest cause of impotence among men under 40. Roughly 75 percent of all men with diabetes have ED, according to Virginia urologist Tony Sliwinski. However, as to the primary cause of impotence among those under 40, Sliwinski concurs with Cohen that it is psychological in nature.

Many Fail to Seek Help

Somewhat alarmingly, Sliwinski told Fox News, many young people who are suffering from ED, regardless of its cause, deny they have any problem at all and fail to seek professional counsel.

Temporary Fix for ED

According to Cohen, young men who believe they may be experiencing symptoms of ED “really need to talk to somebody — a urologist, psychologist. It’s a very difficult conversation to have with friends or your religious clergy. You can’t just say to anybody, ‘Hey, I’m having problems at home.’ ”

Psychological Factors

Although the psychological factors behind impotence among the young can take a wide array of forms, Cohen says that common reasons for young men’s inability to perform sexually are financial problems, illness of a child, death of a spouse or other family member, unrecognized homosexuality, and performance anxiety.

The fact that impotence of psychological origin is far less common than ED that can be traced to physical causes should in no way minimize the problem. In fact, men whose ED is psychological in origin are less likely to find their remedy in the impotence drugs that have helped millions of men to reclaim their sex lives.

 Performance Anxiety

In an article on the website of The Good Men Project, psychologist Chris MacKinnon and psychotherapist Maneet Bhatia contend that performance anxiety is clearly one of the most common psychological causes of ED. They say that such concerns among men can lead to a vicious circle of anxiety in which the anticipated fear of not having an erection results in recurring difficulties in actually achieving one.

To break this cycle, men first need to recognize that it exists. All too often men set the bar too high by setting unrealistic goals. “Men need to reassure themselves that they do not have to be hard enough to drive nails every time they are intimate. Research has shown that many men with ED actually underrate their erectile response during sexual activity.”

Occasional Difficulty Is Normal

A second step toward overcoming performance anxiety, according to MacKinnon and Bhatia, is acceptance of the fact that occasional sexual difficulties are normal and thus so are the men who experience them. Needless to say, persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection is indicative of a more serious underlying problem, but occasional problems need not be an immediate cause for concern.

Finally, men seeking to get beyond the bugaboo of performance anxiety should resist the trend toward instant gratification, which is so widespread in contemporary society. MacKinnon and Bhatia write: “This trend influences our relationships and sexual performance by creating a pressure to have an erection instantly and to be outstanding sexual performers.” This kind of thinking overlooks the fact that sexual performance is “a life-long learning process.” Looking at sexual performance as an evolving process can help to relieve the psychological pressure that is causing ED.

Evolution of Sexual Performance

MacKinnon and Bhatia compare the evolution of sexual performance to the ways in which basketball star Michael Jordan changed the basic character of his winning ways over the course of his career. In his early years, Jordan made a name for himself as a prolific dunker who dominated games with his athletic ability. As time went on and his physical abilities matured, he tended to rely more on jump shots as his winning strategy. “The results were the same. He was still able to score — he just did it differently.”

Men who suspect their impotence is psychological in origin can seek the counsel of a psychiatrist or psychologist who can help find a solution to their problem. Alternatively, men — and their partners — might want to visit a sex therapist. During the course of this type of treatment, the therapist works with the patient to discover the stress factors that are causing the problem. According to, therapists often try to treat psychological ED naturally by using techniques designed to reduce the anxiety associated with intercourse. The affected patient’s partner can help with these techniques, which focus on the gradual development of intimacy and stimulation.

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Mental Impotence Healer

Oral Sex Tutorial: Lick By Lick Review by Dr. Chuck Vivan

Oral Sex Tutorial: Lick By Lick Review

Oral Sex Tutorial: Lick By Lick Review

Going down on a woman is an art and will require you to learn the basis, hone your skills overtime and give your woman the most earth shattering orgasm every woman craves.

Let’s face it the most skillful men in the act of love making know that the best way to make a woman squirt and scream your name in ecstasy is Oral Sex. While most men readily go down on their partner, an overwhelming majority still don’t know how to drive their partners crazy with their tongue. Most guys actually think that they are better at giving pleasure to their woman than they really are. Did you know that just because you are having good time doesn't mean she is too?

My 4 Step Cunnilingus Tutorial

1. Take Your Time

Don’t just go straight for the clit like most guys do, it’s a little too eager and doesn't have any element of sexual tension which as you know is key to making her orgasm.

Begin by kissing lightly and licking all around the pussy, spend a few minutes doing this until she is squirming for you to go further.

2. Lick Just Beneath The Clit

After kissing and licking around the vagina, you then need to begin softly and slowly licking the area just beneath her clit (use both hands to spread her vagina lips).

This area is very sensitive, you can also lick all the way up from the base of the pussy to the top, but being careful not to touch the clit just yet.

3. Stimulate The Clit

Continue by sucking on her clit in a gentle way, your mouth movements should just like you’re half way through biting an apple and you’re trying to save the juices from running down your chin (sounds silly, but it works).

Another way to describe how your tongue and mouth should look is (mouth = slightly open) and (tongue = making a half pipe shape). Your entire mouth should be covering her clit.

Make up, down and sideways movements with your tongue whilst your mouth is fully covering the clit.

Kick it up a notch by groaning a little, this will do two things 
(1) make her think that you’re really enjoying eating her out and 
(2) give her a vibrating sensation on her clit which will maximise the pleasure.

4. Linger That Finger

By now she should have orgasmed, if she hasn't then don’t worry she’ll be very close. The next thing you can do is use your finger to simulate penetration. What most guys will do is just straight up finger the girl, you don’t want to do this.

You need to take your index finger, insert it into her vagina and rest it on the base of the vagina, no moving back and forth, just leave it there. This will make it feel as though she’s getting fucked.

If you want, you can use the g-spot fingering technique that will give her a squirting orgasm.

Oral Sex Tutorial Lick By Lick Review

All Oral Sex techiques have been diligently gathered from a careful sampling of users in several women satisfaction related online communities in a simple easy to follow eBook.

The above information was taken from Chapter 2 and is only a small sample of the techniques present in the eBook which is packed with the most natural ways to satisfy your woman in bed. The eBook will let your girl experience multiple orgasms, full satisfaction and blissful climax.

 Lloyd provides a tailored step by step method that will surely assist you in giving your girl the most satisfying cunnilingus ever.

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Disclaimer -

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I hope you found this article helpful.


Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises: How Do They Work?

Penis is made up of 3 main areas, 2 large chambers on the top (The technical term for this
is the Corpora Cavernosa) and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom (the Corpus
Penis Enlargement Exercises

When we gain an erection, the penis fills with blood, filling these three chambers. The
Corpus Spongiosum is the chamber used mainly when we urinate and ejaculate. The
Corpora Cavernosa however, is the main blood holding chamber of the penis. This is
where 90% of all blood is retained each and every time we gain an erection.

Penis size is limited in both length and width, by the maximum in which the Corpora
Cavernosa can fill with blood. Simply put, this means it is impossible for penis to get
bigger by itself, as the blood which fills the penis is already filling the maximum size of
the Corpora Cavernosa. 

Warm Up & Lubrication

The warm up is an extremely important part of the workout. Be sure to do it before every
exercise session. You will find below detailed instructions to perform this procedure. You
will also find advice on lubrication which is especially useful while performing jelq

Penis Enlargement Exercise Steps

1. Soak a soft wash cloth in hot water, then wring out any excess water. Test
the cloth on your abdomen (prior to placing it around your penis) to make
sure that it's a comfortable temperature.

2. Wrap the cloth around the entire shaft of your penis (either flaccid or erect),
being sure to enclose the head of the penis as well in order to trap the heat.
Hold the cloth in position for 3-5 minutes.

3. Remove the cloth.

4. Dry off your penis thoroughly with a soft, dry towel to ensure a good grip
for the exercises you're about to perform. 


Lubrication is an important part of jelq exercises. Many lubricants can be used to jelq
with. As long as the lubricant is fairly long lasting and reapplied when necessary it should
be fine. Water based lubricants can normally be revived by adding a little extra water, so
a cup of water to dip into whilst jelqing is useful. Some people mix their own lube,
adding for instance essential oils. 

For the best lubricants for jelqing, we recommend Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Oil with
Vitamin E added or Vaseline Aloe Naturals. Another lubricant we recommend is
Albolene liquefying cleanser, which can be found in the cosmetic section on most drug
stores. Women use it for removing makeup, but is also makes a great sexual lubricant (oil
based, do not use with condoms ever during sex). This product has been used in the porn
industry for years. 

Penis Enlargement Exercises

1. Power Stretch Technique

The power stretch technique is basically what it sounds like. By stretching the penis
regularly, you help to lengthen the suspensory ligament and tissues of the penis which
will help to lengthen the penis over time. Dr. Walter Schlesingser M.D. first made a
similar technique popular in his book titled “Penicure, the Manhood Miracle”.

Benefits and Results of the Stretching Exercises:

Squeezing and pulling your penis on a regular basis can produce incredible size gains,
just as exercising muscles will make them larger. These exercises stretch your penis out,
while also stretching the erectile tissue. These are the exercises for lengthening your
penis in its flaccid and erect state.

By safely exercising the penis so blood fills the spaces and forces them larger, you can in
fact grow your penis easily. These exercises can be performed daily, but should be
performed at least 3 times a week to aid in the lengthening process.

After performing these exercises for awhile, your penis will extend longer both when
your hard and when your limp. All this stretching is done quite safely and cannot hurt
you in any way as long as you warm up properly, and use common sense. Stretching
exercises also lengthen the skin connecting the testicles to the penis, giving you a more
"hung" appearance and lower hanging and larger testicles. In addition to penis enlargement effects, stretching exercises promote an increase in testosterone and sperm count. 


• Don't hold too tight, or you'll cut off the circulation.

• Always be warmed up thoroughly before doing any exercise.

• Be sure to always stretch while limp.

• If you find that you get an erection while trying to perform the stretch, stop for a
moment and let the erection subside, then continue with the exercises.

• You do not need lubrication of any kind in this exercise. In fact, you want to be
as dry as possible so you can get a good grip on the penis head. 

Jelq Technique

The key exercises in our guide are variations of the Arabic jelq technique. This technique
is hundred years old, and is the most powerful penis enlargement technique know to man.
The jelq technique was reportedly first used by Arab tribesmen centuries ago as part of
the passage from puberty to manhood. A symbol of masculinity and power in many
cultures, a thick manly penis is an object of desire for many women and an object of envy
by our less-endowed brothers.

At the point of puberty, the boy of the culture was shown by their fathers how to jelq
(milk for enlargement). For 10 minutes every day, the young men jelqed their penis, and
continued this exercise all the way to adulthood. Once adulthood was reached, they cut
down their jelq sessions to 3 times a week to maintain their size and strength. The jelq
method also resembles "milking" because of the obvious milking technique the jelq


• Jelqing requires more pressure and a tighter grip than the other penis enlargement
exercises. You will want to apply pressure just to the point where you feel slight
discomfort and then release very slightly so that you are gripping as firmly as you
can without causing discomfort. This additional pressure is one of the primary
reasons that we caution against performing it with an erect penis.

• DO NOT jelq in the shower! Most men will not stand up for the amount of time
needed to have a good jelq session, and if you use soap you will be sore for days.
For your sake, do not jelq in the shower and do not use soap. 

V-Stretch Technique

The V Stretch is a method of stretching designed to exert greater forces on the tunica and
ligaments than is possible by simply pulling on the penis from its point of attachment out
along a single axis.
When performing simple stretches, any force is exerted from the points at which the
penis attaches to the body, outward along the internal structures that run the length of the
penis, to the glans.

The V Stretch technique works to help increase imbalances in the stress on the penis by
incorporating a secondary transverse force. A larger than normal cross sectional tension
gradient is created allowing the force exerted by the hand to be more effective on a
targeted area of the tunica than would be possible if the entire tunica was under equal


• While performing the warm up for the exercises using V Stretch technique,
ensure that the wrap encompasses both the penis shaft and the ligaments around
the pubic bone.

• The grip should be no further back than half an inch from the coronal ridge of the
glans roughly in line with the circumcision scar, it will ride forward a little as the
tension increases. Uncircumcised people may find it of benefit to retract the
foreskin fully before attaching the grip.

• Between stretches and at the end of a session gently shake the penis or slap it
against your thigh and massage the shaft to restore blood flow.

• The level of force is an important factor. The body adapts quickly and a routine
may very quickly lose its productivity. If the force applied is not great enough the
body will regenerate torn fibers with bigger and stronger ones that will only
make the penis harder to stretch in the future.

• If any sharp or throbbing pain is experienced at any time during the exercise stop
immediately. Common sense is key, always avoid sudden and/or excessive

Safety While Exercising

Your health and safety are of utmost importance, which is why we recommend that you
follow the instructions as outlined. Use proper form and technique, and if possible, follow
the recommended times for each exercise. Below are important things that we would like
you to keep in mind while exercising. 

1. Listen to Your Body and Pay Attention to Your Penis

These are some clear signs that you are doing something wrong:

• Broken capillaries or slight bruising of the penis are clear signs of over-exertion.
This occurs when too much pressure is applied during the exercises, or if the
recommended times for each exercise are exceeded. If this occurs, we
recommend that you take several days off (no exercise) and allow yourself to
heal. Once you are completely healed, you may begin the workout again.

• Blisters are usually a sign of too much pressure on the penis for a prolonged
period of time. Some exercises call for firm pressure, however, if this occurs, we
recommend that you take several days off (no exercise) and allow yourself to
heal. If the blisters do not disappear with a week, consult your physician.

• Red sores are typically a sign of too much stretching. You have either stretched
your penis too far, or held the stretch for a prolonged period of time. If this
occurs, we recommend that you take several days off. Once you are completely
healed, you may begin the workout again; however, make sure that you do not
stretch too much or too far.

• Chaffing is a result of friction or skin irritation. This may occur when too much
pressure is applied to the penis or not enough lubrication is used. A semi-abrasive
lubrication can also be a cause for chaffing. Make sure that you use proper
pressure and that you switch to a better lubricant.

2. Don't Overdo It!

Some men begin a penis enlargement program with such enthusiasm that they actually
overdo it. But this is a case where LESS is MORE and too much really is TOO MUCH. 

Massage & Warm Down

You should always end each workout with a gentle massage and hot towel warm-down.
Applying heat and massage to the penis optimizes healing and rebuilding of your cell
Heat restores any nerve and sensitivity problems you may have incurred during your
enlargement exercises and promotes faster regrowth of tissue cells.

Gentle Massage

After your workout, gently massage your penis for 1 minute. If you prefer, you can do
this with a herbal cream, which is available for both sexes.
A soft, circular motion with your forefinger and middle finger along the base and shaft of
the penis works best. Remember, your penis has just been through a strenuous workout so
be gentle and soothing.

Warm Down

After your massage, apply another hot towel as you did with warm up.
The penis enlargement warm down is just as important as the penis enlargement warm
up. This heat application will keep the blood held within your penis and stimulate the
damaged parts, restarting them to function better. 

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Penis Enlargement Exercises
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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation by Dr. Chuck Vivan

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE)—coming too soon—is men’s number one sexual complaint. From the teen years until age 60, it affects around one third of American men. After 60, erectile dysfunctionbecomes more prevalent, but even among older men, a University of Chicago study suggests that 20 to 25 percent continue to have trouble with ejaculatory control.
What can be done about PE? There no question that professional sex therapy helps. According to the best studies I’ve seen, sex therapy resolves the problem in more than 80 percent of cases, with some therapists claiming cure rates of 90 percent or better. But sex therapy is pricey. Most therapists I know charge at least $100 an hour, and curing PE can take several months of weekly sessions and cost upwards of $1500.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation: Self-Help in 3 Steps

Ok, so now you know what doesn’t work, let’s discuss what does work and the 3 proven ways you can increase stamina in bed, starting from today.

1. Work On Your Pubococcygeus Muscle (PC Muscle)

Your PC muscle is what helps to control the intensity of your orgasms and the the ejaculation stage itself, by flexing the PC muscle.

Meaning you can stop yourself from shooting too early, if you work out this muscle daily and learn to control it. It can also induce a full climax WITHOUT ejaculating.

The best way to work out this muscle is by doing what are known as Kegel exercises, which were developed by a guy called Arnold Kegel.

This is how to do them:

Find the muscle – The next time you want to pee, try stopping yourself mid flow. Sounds strange but the flexing you did to stop you from peeing is the same flexing you need to work out the muscle. Another way to tell if you’re flexing it right is by making your erection go up and down. This is going to target the PC area and can also strengthen your erection.

Flex the muscle daily – Take 10 minutes a day to flex this muscle, just flex… hold for 5 seconds and release. Do as many reps as you can in 10 minutes and then do the same thing the next day.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation2. Triple The Amount Of Foreplay You Have

Hold on a minute, foreplay won’t make me last longer will it? Actually yes it will. By introducing triple the amount of foreplay before penetrating her, will affect you in two different ways:

Lowers sexual excitement – Without foreplay the idea of you having sex with a girl and being inside her is just far too exciting and mentally stimulating, which increases the chance of you blowing your load. The longer you spend on foreplay, the less likely you are to get too excited too quickly.

Make the girl orgasm a lot more – Most women can’t actually orgasm without foreplay, so the longer you spend getting her turned on and wet, the better it will be for you, because it won’t matter whether you last for 10 minutes… she’ll still achieve an orgasm in that time because you used some killer foreplay techniques.

3. Pull and Squeeze

This is an easy one, but works a treat, so make sure you use it.

The next time you’re inside a girl and you feel yourself about to blow… take it out, squeeze the head for 5 seconds with your forefinger and thumb, wait for the sensation to go.

Once it’s gone, get down to business again.

It’s more or less a quick fix, but it still gets the job done.

A Short term Fix For Impatient Men

If you’re just far too lazy to use the Kegel exercises or even do any kind of foreplay (you’re a naughty selfish boy) then you should give “Stamina condoms” a try.

They have a special lubricant inside the that numbs your little guy, helping you last alot longer than you normally would. Go for something like Durex Performax and you should be fine.

I’d also suggest that if it ever happens say something like “wow, I was so turned on there, give me a few mins and we’ll go again, but you are sooo sexy I just couldn’t control myself”. I think she’ll be cool with it.

You can also try just slowing way down for a bit and usually focusing on her pleasure over yours can help. Even pulling out and licking her a little can do the trick.

So How Long Should You Be Lasting In Bed?

Well there isn’t a set time unfortunately… however the answer is simple.

You need to last as long as it takes for you to give a girl a penetrative orgasm. In terms of time, it will be different for EVERY woman.

Some women can orgasm in 5 minutes, whilst others can take 30 minutes or more. For most however it will be around the 15-20 minute mark. It can also be much quicker if you do the foreplay right.


Here’s a rundown of what you need to do:
  • Do Kegal exerices daily
  • Use more foreplay before sex
  • Grab some stamina condoms, if you can’t be bothered with foreplay

So that’s how to last longer in bed and finally put a STOP to premature ejaculation.

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Facinating Facts About Female Orgasm

For all the things you've been dying to find out as well as things you've never even thought of, expand your knowledge about the “big O" with this list of enlightening female orgasm facts.

My previous post - How to give her the best orgasm of her life, I think would have prepared you to give her an amazing orgasm. Now let's look at some other facts.

1. Orgasms can relieve pain.

Got a headache? Maybe you should have sex after all. “There is some evidence that orgasms can relieve all kinds of pain—including pain from arthritis, pain after surgery and even pain during childbirth,” notes Lisa Stern, RN, MSN, a nurse practitioner who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles and blogs at “The mechanism is largely due to the body’s release of a chemical called oxytocin during orgasm,” she says. “Oxytocin facilitates bonding, relaxation and other positive emotional states.” While the pain relief from orgasm is short-lived—usually only about eight to 10 minutes—she points to past research indicating that even thinking about sex can help alleviate pain.

In case you’re wondering if a condom has anything to do with the quality of your orgasm, don’t. “Women are equally likely to experience orgasm with or without a condom, dispelling myths that condoms don't make for good sex,” says Dr.Gabrielle Moore, PhD, a research scientist at Indiana University and author of Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed. “In fact, condoms may help a couple spend more time having sex, as a man doesn't have to ‘pull out’ quickly if he's worried about ejaculating too soon,” she says. If your guy is resistant to wearing a condom because of lack of sensation, consider manual stimulation first, before intercourse, so he can have an equally enjoyable experience.

3. Thirty percent of women have trouble reaching orgasm.

If you’ve ever had trouble climaxing, you’re not alone. According to Planned Parenthood statistics, as many as 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex. And as many as 80 percent of women have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. Clitoral stimulation during intercourse can help, says Stern, but so can medical treatment. “Female sexual dysfunction (FSD), which encompasses the inability to orgasm, is very common—as high as 43 percent, according to some surveys—and has been a topic of much debate and medical investigation lately,” she says. “For some women, topical testosterone therapies or some oral medications can be helpful, but few medical treatments have solid evidence behind them.” Because FSD may be associated with certain medical conditions, be sure to see your doctor to rule out things like thyroid disease, depression or diabetes.

4. Finding your G-spot may improve the likelihood of orgasm.

Can you identify your G-spot? The "G" refers to Ernst Gräfenberg, MD, a German gynecologist who is credited with “discovering” it in the 1950s, and sex experts have long touted this area of female genitalia, which is believed to contain a large number of nerve endings, as the key to helping women achieve longer and stronger orgasm. But it’s a controversial topic. Researchers in England refuted its existence recently, even after Italian researchers supposedly found the spot on ultrasound and published their findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Still, sex educators like Los Angeles–based Ava Cadell support the existence of the G-spot, and encourage women to find theirs. While the location may be slightly different in all women, it’s most often found inside the vagina and is characterized by a “rougher” texture.

5. Orgasm gets better with age.

Sure, there are plenty of things to gripe about when it comes to age, but your sex life may actually improve—specifically the quality and frequency of orgasm, reports Dr. Herbenick. “Orgasm becomes easier with age,” she says. “As an example, while 61 percent of women ages 18 to 24 experienced orgasm the last time they had sex, 65 percent of women in their 30s did and about 70 percent of women in their 40s and 50s did.” Though the survey didn't indicate why orgasms come easier with age, we can assume that as women become more sexually experienced, they have more confidence in the bedroom and therefore enjoy themselves more. Additionally, the trust and intimacy that most women experience in long-term relationships can help improve sexual confidence as well.

6. Women who mix things up in the bedroom have more frequent orgasm.

If you have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse, consider switching things up, says Dr. Herbenick. “It is significantly easier for women to experience orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts as opposed to just one act,” she says. “For example, vaginal sex plus oral sex would be linked to a higher likelihood of orgasm than either one of them alone. This may be because more sex acts mean that people spend more time having sex.”

7. A woman’s sexual self-esteem can affect the quality of her orgasms.

Research shows that how a woman feels about her genitals is linked to the quality of her orgasms. “As a women’s health clinician, I can vouch for the fact that every vagina looks different and there is no ‘perfect’ way for a vagina to look,” says Stern. “As long as your vagina is pain-free and you don’t have any abnormal discharge, sores or other medical problems, you can consider yourself healthy and normal.” Increase your orgasm potential by increasing your confidence, she says. “It’s important to treat yourself the way you would want others to treat you—send yourself healthy, positive messages about yourself and your body.” Another trick: Pull out a hand mirror and take a look! Getting to know yourself down there is the first step in feeling confident about your parts.

8. There is an orgasm “gap.”

While it’s true that a small number of men have trouble with orgasm, sex experts report that it’s rare. Instead, a significant percentage of women report not having had an orgasm the last time they had sex, even when their male partner thought they had. “We still have an orgasm gap,” notes Dr. Herbenick. “While 85 percent of men thought their partner had an orgasm during their most recent episode of sex, only 64 percent of women reported having an orgasm.” The cure? It’s complicated, says Dr. Herbenick, but women who are comfortable with and understand their body’s pleasure points can often learn to orgasm regularly.

9. In rare cases, orgasm can happen without genital stimulation.

We’ve all heard about women who can orgasm while sitting on a train or while getting a massage, but it's no urban legend. Experts say it’s a real phenomenon. “I had a friend who had an orgasm every time she used the treadmill,” says Stern. “If that happened to all of us, we’d be a much more physically fit society!” But, humor aside, there’s an explanation for why this occurs. “The reason for spontaneous orgasms during certain activities is twofold—increased blood flow to the genitals and vibration of or contact with the clitoris. The increased blood flow and the general relaxation of a massage can lead to orgasm sometimes, too.”

10. For most women, it takes a while…

Many women take longer to climax than their male partners, and that’s perfectly normal, says Stern. In fact, according to statistics, most women require at least 20 minutes of sexual activity to climax. “If you find that your partner often reaches orgasm before you do, there are ways to help him slow down,” she says. “Mental exercises can sometimes work, and so can firm pressure around the base of the penis. If premature ejaculation is a concern, your partner may want to see a primary care doctor or urologist to find some techniques that might help.”

How to give her the best orgasm of her life

I’m about to teach you something that very few men know how to do correctly.

I’m going to show you exactly how to make women squirt… using only one hand… some lube and an open minded frisky woman. So prepare yourself to give her the best orgasm of her life.

Warning: If the girl doesn’t trust you or you haven’t built enough comfort… she WILL NOT orgasm, let alone squirt. So you need to make sure she’s really into you before attempting this stuff.

You’re going to learn what squirting orgasms are, the different types of orgasms women can have and most importantly how to make a woman squirt her love juice all over the bed.

Ready? This is going to get messy…


Men can only have one type of orgasm (sucks I know) but women can actually have two…


Most common among women, direct stimulation of the clitoris and happens during masturbation. You can also give them a clitoral orgasm orally, if you know what you’re doing.

Quick tip: Did you know that women have as many nerve endings in their clitoris as men do in their penis? Crazy right? Now you get why it’s SO sensitive for women during foreplay and sex.

Also most women only really experience one clitoral orgasm, because the clit can become VERY sensitive and sometimes even sore.


Comes from the inside of the vagina from either the G-spot or the deep spot. This is the kind of female orgasm that can infuse their entire body, making them feel numb and shiver with excitement uncontrollably.

It’s also possible to have multiple vaginal orgasms, so you can (if done right) make her cum more than once… heck more than 3 or more times during sex, which will give her an overwhelming sensation… like a constant wave of pleasure all over her body.

Quick note: Did you know that only 20% of women have experienced a vaginal orgasm? That means over 80% of women haven’t experienced one and most likely don’t even know what the hell it is… madness!

…And a staggering 29% of women have NEVER had an orgasm!


This is the good stuff, grab a coffee and take note big man:


To intensify the pleasure, you should use a water based lube when using finger based foreplay which is what you will be doing here to make her squirt.

A great natural lubricant is grape seed oil, which is also awesome for massaging as well as G-spot stimulation with the fingers.


Remember that the vagina is a very sensitive area for a woman, so you must look after your hands… cut your nails, moisturise and keep them clean so they are soft and smooth.

I’d even recommend getting a manicure.. yes I know it’s not manly, but it will make sure your hands are ready for her.


The big “G” is a part of the urethral sponge and is located between 1 and 2 inches (2 knuckles) inside the vagina, along the front wall, which is the top if the girl was laying on her back basically.

As a woman becomes a lot more aroused, you should feel the G-spot swell up and become more pronounced, this is a GOOD sign that she’s ready to be penetrated… but we want to save that for later as the aim here is to make her squirt.

How to give her the best orgasm of her life

Ok so the first the first technique is called “stroking”. To do this, take your index finger or middle finger… place it inside the vagina and go up, so you are touching the front wall.

Now with your finger inside and touching the G-spot, begin stroking backwards and forwards, with a “come here” motion as if you’re stroking it. Don’t be too gentle, you need to be firm.

Start with shorter slower strokes when you first enter, but build up momentum and speed up after a few minutes. Once she’s really getting into it, try two fingers (your index and middle fingers) and use the same stroking motion.

Never use 2 fingers right away, always begin with 1.


How to give her the best orgasm of her life

Right then… this is where the magic happens. Now that you’ve been stimulating the G-spot and stroking it for 10 to 15 minutes. You should feel it ballooning inside and she should be groaning with pleasure.

This is the point where you want to take things into “overdrive”. For this you will need to be right beside her (like on your knees if you’re on the bed” and use both your middle finger and ring finger to penetrate the same spot.

Now with your fingers inside, you need to rest the palm of your hand on the clitoris, almost cupping it. Once you’re in position, begin slowly stroking, whilst speeding up and then start to pull your hand up and down so you stimulate the clit at the same time.

Speed up some more and be a lot firmer as you’re speeding up…

…Speed up EVEN more…. now some more…. and finally go as fast as you can until she climaxes (squirts) all over the bed.

Now not all women will squirt, but a lot will. I’ve only had one girl who couldn’t squirt and I did everything correctly. You should feel the vaginal wall tighten and put pressure on your fingers, this means you’ve done the job well.

Boom! You’re all done!

By now your hands… the bed and her vagina should be covered in her love juice. Don’t worry it’s not pee, like some guys think. It’s ejaculate fluid which comes out of the urethra, not the vagina.

The female ejaculation fluid comes from the skene’s gland and has a sweet taste to it (due to the glucose contents).


Get some high quality lube – Water based lube is the best as it can be used with condoms also. You can still make a woman orgasm without lube, but it’s not recommended.
Buy spare sheets – If she’s a “gusher” then you’re going to be going through a lot of sheets dude.
Spruce up your place – Make sure your apartment is presentable, clean and comfortable. If she’s not comfortable, then you’ll have a hard time making her squirt.

Take your time – It’s not a race, most girls will take around 20 to 30 minutes before you can make them squirt. However if you see the girl more than once and she’s very comfortable sexually around you, it will be seconds to a few minutes.

So that’s how to make women squirt on demand… even though they are the basics they still work wonders.

Squirting orgasms are seriously easy when you get the first one down, because you’re way more confident the next time.

The above tutorial was taken from Chapter 1 of the Red Pill Orgasm. I highly recommend you follow each and every point in this book and you will be giving her the best orgasm of her life guaranteed!
You can download this book from their Official Order Page.

Disclaimer -

The creator of this natural orgasm tutorial is a close friend of mine who asked my help in promoting his book in exchange for a small commission.

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I hope I've helped you in your conquest.
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